About the Quick Solar Estimates Project


This project is intended to help you take a first look into solar panels for your own home. Many websites out there can be quite complex (how are we supposed to know what the exact tilt and orientation of our roofs are... in degrees?!).

This website is therefore designed to give you a basic first insight into the solar potential. The main focus is simply to get you started on your own journey towards sustainable energy.


At its core, this platform uses an open source python package called pvlib to work with your input (coordinates, rotation, and surface type) to calculate total irradiance at various possible solar panel tilts. In the background, when you click "calculate" a few additional pieces of information are pulled together, e.g. the elevation above sea level, a representative address, and the solar angles at your chosen location. Using all this information, two methods are applied to create your estimations.

1. A pvlib internal calculation

2. A 10-year collection of solar data at your chosen location is grabbed from the European Commission's PVGIS databases to perform an solar potential estimation with a so-called typical meteorological year (TMY). Such a TMY is simply created from the average values over those 10 years of data. Using this TMY a good indication can be generated about the solar irradiance.

The Complete Source Code

In case you're interested in taking a closer look at how this platform is set up, head to the github repository.


If you'd like to get in touch or find out more about who created this platform, feel free to get in touch.

Email: christina.zorenboehmer@plus.ac.at
Website: https://www.zorenboehmer.com